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Updates & Photos.... 
Finn, Bean & Mika
We went to the pumpkin patch in Hyde Park last weekend & he was a spoiled puppy!
Jasper was nominated for doggy of the month at doggy daycare!!
haha!  Penny is always so skeptical!!  She doesn't like her picture taken, 
this is her today..
Greeting Teresa... here's Rudy at 5 months.  Very happy & healthy & extremely ornery!
Miss Daisy...
Three years old this week and what a joy..  For being the runt of the litter, he sure has grown into a handsome fellow at 14 pounds.  I have been giving your name out to Freddie's admirers and to a friend of mine.  I hope she is lucky enough to find one as fabulous as Freddie!
Derek's sister sent us 
matching PJ's (for all 4 of us) and this is the very nerdy picture of us!
Penny & Hammie are so sweet!
Shhhhh....  it's a secret, but I had a great Christmas!

Chloe, Ralph and Carol
She's a terror!  She tries to pull me by the pants leg, rips my shirts, chews my shoe laces, but I love her SO much!

It's Charlie's 2nd birthday, so I just thought I'd send you a few pics of the birthday boy and his pup-cakes!!!!

Appreciation Gifts & Cards.... 
Thank you Gerry for the kind words!
Thank you Sue for the lovely card!
Thank you Maureen & Peter for the beautiful flowers!
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Leon's first beach trip ~ 
6 months old!
Dax is perfect!
He is very loved & gets lots of attention!
Our baby is a rock star!!!
He is so loved & spoiled!!
Moo's Easter 2018...
Thank you so much Aidyn, Casey & Cindy for the gorgeous flowers and a great visit!
Rudy turned one year old yesterday.  He wants you to know that he is healthy & happy & has finally got his humans completely trained!
Bandit 2018!

Cooper has a visitor...
Dusty & Daisy 2018!
Here are a few pictures of Jasper swimming and at Christmas.  Everybody always comments on how cute Jasper is, even one lady who shows dachshunds couldn't help but be blown away by his perfect markings! And he's still a little snuggle bug that always wants to cuddle with his mamma. I really lucked out by getting this guy from you. I couldn't ask for a better pup 

I hope you enjoy his updates. I'm such a proud owner, I just love to brag about him! 

Marlee & Finlee 2018!
Hello!  Wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas.  I am loving life and just a bit spoiled, but just so intelligent to get away with a lot!
Happy Thanksgiving from Moo 2018!
Finlee had her "girlie" surgery! 
Sweet little Murray the Dachshund!
We were thinking of you on Leon's 1st birthday (10/15).  Hope all is well!
My friend and I went to Europe for Spring Break. 
Jasper got to fly home with his "girlfriend" to spend the break with my parents in Florida.  
Such a spoiled boy!
Cooper had a great vet visit!

He's doing great!