FloriDachs Miniature Dachshunds

You can place a Reservation Fee on the available puppy of your choice,  in order to guarantee we will hold your preferred puppy for you.  

Our Reservation Fees are generally $200.00 (US), unless other arrangements have 
been made and may be applied to the balance on your puppy, unless forfeited per the Reservation Fee Agreement listed below.

Pricing will vary on EACH litter and is based on the breeding and expectations of the puppies produced. On average our puppies range from a base price f $3200.00 
(reviewed for 2022) for a (pet only) puppy and may increase from there, depending on 
the individual puppy.  Pricing is subject to a variety of factors including but not limited to current market pricing (researched regularly), availability of similar 
(like kind and quality) puppies & the demand for  these puppies.  

Current Market Pricing:  Average = total sum of all the average (prices) collected in the state and surrounding states / the number of average (prices) gathered.  In other words, to find the average, add up all of the average (prices), then divide by however many (responses were collected).  
                                                * this includes factoring in current pet store pricing. 

Once we enter a personalized contractual agreement, the agreed upon terms will be "locked in" for the buyer.  

We Do Not hold puppies without a Reservation Fee, we do allow you 2 days to get the appropriate Reservation Fee to us once an agreement has been reached via phone, email or in person discussion, during which time your puppy will be placed in a pending status, and will be available for sale again on Day 3 if the Reservation Fee has not been received and confirmed by us.  

The puppy must be paid for in full when the puppy is picked up on the scheduled date at approximately 8 weeks of age, this includes any possible delivery fees (*see delivery fees). All puppy's not picked up at around eight (8) weeks of age on our scheduled date, will be charged a boarding fee of $15.00 per day. (unless special arrangements have been made via text or in writing)  

We are fairly flexible on this, so please do not hesitate to ask!

Our Adult Dogs for sale must be paid for in full at time of purchase unless other arrangements have been made through us in writing.

PLEASE NOTE: We Do Not accept personal checks, except on our Reservation Fees!!  

We Do accept the following methods of payment: CASH only at pickup. 
We choose to accept Zelle payments from personally approved clients only at this time. 

                                NO OTHER FORMS OF PAYMENT ARE ACCEPTED.  

All of our puppies come with their age appropriate puppy shots and age appropriate  scheduled de-worming.

You may click the button below to preview our Sale's agreement contract, you will be asked to fill out an original when your puppy is picked up in person and you will receive copies of all documents for your permanent records along with the original Health Certificate for your veterinarian's review.

You may click below to preview the Reservation Fee Contract, it may be downloaded, filled out and signed so you may bring it with your fee when selecting a puppy or mailed to our address after we have agreed to accepting your deposit through email, phone calls or face to face meetings.

When sending Reservation Fees, please download one (1) copy of the Reservation Fee form, fill out the contract, sign it, and send it along with your fee. Puppies will not be marked as "pending/on hold" until the contract is signed, returned and verified as received by us, no exceptions!! 

Note - Please Read Below...

Registration Options are Determined by the Seller - not the Buyer:

These are the current registration options available and are solely based on our discretion at point
 of sale and beyond....​

Pet OnlyThis means you WILL NOT get any type of registration papers with the purchase of 
this puppy/dog.  

(The majority of our puppies are sold as PET only - registration will not be issued.)

Limited RegistrationThis means you WILL receive limited AKC registration on your puppy/dog, which means (according to the AKC) you WILL have access to participate in all of the AKC companion/sporting events, including Canine Good Citizenship, etc., but WILL NOT receive any breeding and/or showing rights for this puppy/dog.​

Full RegistrationThis means you WILL receive Full AKC registration on your puppy/dog, which means (according to the AKC) you WILL have full breeding and showing rights for this puppy/dog. * This designation is at the sole discretion of FloriDachs Miniature Dachshunds and must be discussed prior to the sale and approved in writing at the time of the sale.

Nothing will turn a man's home into a castle more quickly and effectively than a dachshund." 

- Queen Victoria
          Home of Quality            Miniature Dachshunds


We now offer delivery for approximately $2.50 cents per mile (total miles driven) in Florida. 
We will deliver outside of Florida after calculating expenses and hotel accommodations.  
We will calculate either Map Quest or the official FDOT map mileage chart. This must be paid
 in full before we deliver. We will not deliver without specific prior arrangements regarding payment. If you are interested in delivery, just let us know and we can calculate the cost for you and finalize the arrangements.  (mileage price may change due to gas prices)

 Don’t hesitate to ask us, we aim to please!