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Our pups are AKC registered and come to you as great Companion dogs.  

We can tell you that we have worked very hard to educate ourselves and have spent our lives surrounded by animals.  We strive to get only top quality, well-bred dogs in order to to produce even tempered, happy, social little puppies.   In fact, all of the pictures posted on this website are of our very own dogs and puppies!  All puppy pictures are from our personal photos or were sent to us by the puppy's new owners!  

Hopefully, this will give you a better understanding of the quality and variety of our puppies..

We have our dogs/pups checked by a licensed veterinarian to be sure that they are in good health and to reduce the likelihood of any genetic or non-genetic birth defects. They are all fed a high quality dog food and are kept current on vaccinations. 

Our puppies are born in our home, in my bedroom and stay there for the first three weeks of their lives. After which, they move into a communal space in our dining room for socialization and exposure to everyday activities, like children, cats, foot traffic, and normal household noise - including TV and outside stimulation.

As soon as they are old enough, pups are given toys to play with and chew on and they are started on potty training (usually right @ 3 weeks). Pups nails are trimmed every five-ten days and they are wormed at regular intervals, as is suggested by our veterinarian. Puppies are generally well on their way to paper training upon going to their new families. 

We believe that healthy adults produce healthy puppies. Our dogs live in our home, not in a kennel or cage. They enjoy air conditioning, daily interaction with us and are treated as our pets (family members) which includes a great deal of love and respect. 

Our puppies are given their first shots by a licensed veterinarian at 8 weeks of age, while they are being screened for their health checkup and fecal exam. This is done to insure the puppies are parasite free and unrestricted by any health concerns.  

It is important when searching for your new companion to know that health certificates and vaccinations are not a bonus or special feature provided by superior breeders, it is the law!  See (SECTION 828.29 FLORIDA STATUTES).

We work hard to update interested families with pictures and encourage visits with us and your prospective puppy as much as possible. 

At FloriDachs, we do everything we can to confidently state that a puppy from us is a happy, healthy, well rounded puppy.  

We intend to provide you and your puppy with a solid foundation for success - which will lead to many years of enjoyable and memorable times with your new pet.

The greatest joy a person can have in life is the love of their dog(s). 

It is by this ideal that we offer our companions to you. 

​Please enjoy the site….