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FloriDachs Client Testimonials

FloriDachs takes special care to follow up and remain active in the lives of our puppies whenever possible.

We are proud of the puppies we produce and would like to share these testimonials from our incredible clients:

We have a new love in our lives! 
Candy is our new addition to the family. 
Our third Dachshund. 
We just about have her goody girl grassy trained...
Daisy has been a great mentor for this. She hops like a bunny, 
barks meekly; puppies are so precious and bring lots of smiles 
to our lives. 

She is eating like a pig, literally....has awful table manners, 
wouldn't date her! 

And we LOVE her.

          Home of Quality            Miniature Dachshunds

"Reuger is doing great and fits in wonderfully with our other pets. He tracked his first animal (squirrel) last night! We could not be happier with him." 

Thanks so much,
Amanda & Chad 

"Lizzy is doing splendidly and has us thoroughly couch trained!  Just wanted to say Lizzie is thriving, chasing lizards, and cheerfully running our lives. We love taking her places a large, crazy bird dog can't go."
She loves lunch out! 
I'll send pictures! 

Thank you so much,
Cathy & Carl

"He is a great dog, very smart. He is loveable but independent. He has already figured out the dog door and goes out sometimes on his own to the bathroom. 

He loves the outside and doesn't care at all if it is raining. You can tell he was well taken care of before we got there, our vet says he is just perfect!"

"Thank you. We absolutely ADORE her! I know we made the right move in getting her, she's fit right in and is quite the "miss thing" at our house!" 

"We made it back to Canada with our new puppy with no problems." We have named him RJ and he is a pleasure and we love him so much!!"

Thanks so much,
Janice & Ron

"We made it back to Canada with puppy # 2, Eve, again with no problems!" Here is a picture of 
RJ & Eve sunning themselves outback. We just love them!!"

Janice & Ron

Checkers is my daughter's pride and joy!  Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy... 
 He fits right in with our family and our other dogs!

Jackie, Bobby, River & Sky

Molly is the most beautiful and healthiest puppy I have 
ever owned! 
My 11 year old just loves her and has adopted the  "mother" role of sleeping with her to quiet her at night.

We recommended your services to a couple yesterday as 
they were interested in getting a second puppy! 

You are such a wonderful testament to what a quality breeder should be. 

You are right she does not like to sit still, but I will send photos when I can.

Thank you for this precious gift in our lives... 

Carla and Jeff

Our baby Pepper - we love her so much - thank you for raising such a sweet puppy!

Margo & Stephen

We love Brillo...
 He is in the "my" stage of toys.  They get dragged into the kennel!  We pull them out for him to drag back in.  Adorable little man..

Rich & Lisa

Brillo and his brother Ajax exhausted after
 hanging laundry...  They love each other and their
 Mommy & Daddy!

Thanks again for such great dogs,

Rich & Lisa

​We are so in love with Marlee. Vet says she perfect. I couldn't agree more. Things are going great.  

The cats are very calm and curious - Marlee fits in perfectly. And loves her puppy car seat.

Thank you again!

Lori & Dave

We took Buford to or vet this afternoon & he passed his inspection with flying colors. 
Dr McLemore thought he was awesome!

He is perfect! Our cat is still getting used to him. We love him so much!  He was a good boy riding in the car yesterday! 

Thanks for everything...

Kathy & Frank

​Silvia is a hit! 

 I have people asking me left and right for your contact info :) 

People are flipping out on this dachshund page, close to 400 likes on just one page!

Quote from page " Silvia is the most gorgeous doxie I've ever seen! "


Daisy is doing fabulous.  She gets a ton of attention. (LoL)

My mom loves watching her!!!!

Thank you!!


I purchased a Dapple Dachshund, her name is Lola. She 
is gorgeous! And a perfect fit for our small family. She was already paper trained which has made the training process go very smoothly.

She is a bundle of joy and energy. Teresa had all the paperwork ready to go when we arrived. We got to meet the parents and they looked happy and healthy. 

I couldn't imagine my life without Lola now. 

Thank you so much Teresa for bringing the final member of our family...

WOW! We couldn't be happier with Eddy. Brought him home to his brother Simon and 3 cousin dachshunds... Within an hour he was prancing around our yard 
and house like he owned it. We can't believe how 
obsessed Simon is with him - he follows him everywhere 
and looks so proud of his new little brother. Eddy has already napped in his kennel, found the water bowl, 
peed and pooped! 

We'll keep you posted...

Kendra & Teresa

Daisy is doing great!  She is the best puppy we could have gotten and we are glad that we chose this one over the others.  
She is very intelligent and have already taught her 
several tricks. She loves driving in the car. 

We have given her several baths in the sink and she actually loves baths.  She is also very strong.  Our other family dachshunds are full grown and she gets right in there and plays rough with all of them.

Thank you for bringing her over 
and for all the help in getting her. 

Addam & Candy

The puppy is doing awesome!  I just took him for his puppy shots last week ...  

   We named him Willie as our other dog is named Waylon!

Thanks so much for everything.  They're really cute together. 


Sara & Justin

After a LOT of research I chose to purchase my first long hair dachshund, Silvia, from Teresa. 
Silvia has been such a wonderful dog that we decided to purchase a second dachshund, Bailey from Teresa as well. 
I am happy that we took the time to find quality dogs 
with absolutely wonderful temperaments. I couldn't be happier with my choice and I am so thankful that we found her. 
Teresa is an amazing breeder who cares about her dogs. 
We plan on having a life long relationship with her and 
I will highly recommend her to everyone.​

Ashley T.

Thank you Teresa for everything! 

It was a pleasure working with you and we adore both of our beautiful puppies. 

They seem right at home with our 7 year old. 
We are all so happy! 
Thank you for making it such a great experience! 

Mark, Lilly, Amanda, Finnegan, Bean and Mika

Murray is such an awesome pup!  

He went to the vet this morning for his final shots and he has settled in great with our family.  

Thanks so much,


Dakota went on his first walk with me while I was using the walker.  He did great!  He only sat down twice.  I'm not allowed to go to the rental office without bringing him either!  They all love him!   He is my shadow...



Ok.  -  It's official - 
Pepper is a big sister now... 
We picked up Pixie - she's fitting in well with Pepper.  
Here are the two girls at rest.  The girls are getting along just fine...

Margo & Stephen
We've named him Marley, 
after the great Bob Marley ! 

He is settling in with our other dog Bentley and he is a 
little busy body!  LoL
We love him already...

Thank you,


My baby girl loves her toys....lol.   She gathers them up and then lays down in the middle...
She has so much personality and is sooooo full of cuddles.....She is so precious....and so smart...

   All potty trained....She loves to play ball... Fetches and        brings it back....She is my life line, my love

Thank you!

Hi Teresa,

Audrey  wanted to say Hi!!  
She is doing so good and growing already!!!  Almost potty trained and loves going outside and bye byes in the car.  
Just wanted to update you, hope you are doing good!!!!  
We all just love her....  

Keep making the BEST doxies!!!

Thank you she is so beautiful and sweet!!!!  I will keep sending you her growing up pictures!!!

Litsa & Brett


Kiki is doing great!  

She is a great puppy and my son loves her very much...

Thank you!!


Freddy seems to be very opinionated but we're having a ball with him and he's been a real sport when it comes to car rides and Starbucks!

We are adjusting to a life with a growing puppy and it is all worth it.  He is a smart good little puppy.

Suzanne & Dennis


Reesie is doing great!  Love her to pieces.  She runs the house of course....

She is the sweetest dog I've ever had.



We are doing great, thank you for keeping in touch!

Pickles is doing so well.  He has a sweet disposition.  

We just love our little Pickles.


I've dealt with several breeders over the years. 

Teresa is absolutely, by far, the best I've encountered. 

The love she exudes for her dogs and pups is amazing. 

I chose my pup just hours after she was born! Teresa 
keeps in close contact and is very accommodating with sending up to date photos of Piper, as we still have 4 weeks until we can bring her to her forever home...


Our baby Chloe...  

She is so loved and is very happy here in Costa Rica, thanks Teresa! 

She is an amazing dog and an amazing friend for my twins.

She is so nice and we love her toooo much!  She is always right by my side on every corner of my house.

Juan Carlos 

Bella at 5 months.  Thought you would like to see her.  She is so sweet and so well trained.  She has been a wonderful addition to our family!

I will definitely keep you posted with new pictures.

Thanks so much,

Here's a picture of Cooper taken this morning.  
Look how big, alert and sweet he is!  We say he looks like a lion!

Thank you, we are very happy with him.  He's a happy boy.  We love our Cooper!


I wanted to share a picture of my gorgeous baby!!

Teresa, this little girl has brought so much love and joy to my life I can't even put it into words.  All my doxies have sweet temperaments but Savannah is the sweetest, smartest and such a love.

Much love to you,


Oliver is doing great...  

We love Oliver so much.  He's such a lover.  
If and when I am able to get another dachshund, I'll be calling you!  
I love the breed and couldn't ask for a better puppy.


 Thorne has settled in great!  

He has already learned to sleep in his crate without crying and to go to the bathroom outside, mostly. 
 We love him very much, he gives us lots of kisses, and loves to play. He's been doing phenomenally!


Boy, this dog has stolen our hearts.  She is one sweetie!

Your Mother & Father...

Hi Teresa!

Here is a current photo of Mushu..

 I just wanted to let you know he is doing well and growing fast and healthy!


We are doing great...  

Playing like demons and sleeping like angels!!

Leia is absolutely gorgeous and Luke is just a cutey.. so loving.


     We are so happy with our sweet Tucker!  

He was  paper trained from the day we took him home, 
and very friendly with new people!

      In just a few training sessions he learned to sit, lie    down, and roll over.  Teresa made everything so 
easy, and is always willing to answer our many questions!

We hope to return for another puppy someday!

Lauren and Alex

If you are looking for a breeder who goes above and beyond Teresa is your person. She was the first breeder to contact me back on the same day when my husband and I began looking for a dachshund puppy to add to our family. 

Not only did she contact me that day she gave me an appointment to come see the available  puppies as well. So we dropped our other plans and drove to Teresa's house. 

When we got there she explained how she had all the puppies in their own little areas and the way she had them grow up. You honestly felt just  by walking in that you had known her for more than just minutes. 

Obviously my husband and I fell in love with our sweet boy Woody. After deciding he was the one we wanted to have in our family, Teresa went over the contract and explained 
how her deposits worked. 

Now here comes the cool part, once you had selected your puppy Teresa explained that we would be able to come 
and see him once a week. She was also going to 
immediately start calling him by his name so he knew it when he came home. 

I have never had someone so easy to work with and who 
just went out of her way to make sure you were comfortable and added the perfect addition to your family. 
So, definitely see Teresa to get your perfect dachshund. 


We just wanted you to know that the puppy we purchased from you today is doing great and has already made himself at home. He is doing wonderful. We just came in from playing outside. 
Potty training is going great. 
He’s hilarious – he loves to watch TV and is already fetching a 
puppy sized tennis ball. He’s truly a much loved member of our 
family already! 

Thank you so much!

I spent many months looking for the perfect pup. I checked countless rescues all around the country, and a few other breeders when I finally came across Floridachs and met my puppy, Jasper. 

Floridachs was great to work with; very flexible with meeting times, and very knowledgeable about their puppies and the breed in general. You really are 
paying for great quality with these pups! 

Once we picked him out and give him a name, they immediately started calling him Jasper so he knew his name by the time he came home! We also came to 
visit our pup weekly until he was old enough to come home. 

Jasper is such a cuddle bug yet an independent explorer. Not to mention that for such a little puppy, he sure has a big brain! 

He came to us as healthy as can be and brings so 
much joy to everyone he meets. His transition into
 my family was super easy, as he was eager to explore 
his new home and meet his new pack. 

I am beyond thrilled with my experience with Floridachs and am forever grateful for the wonderful puppy we received from them.

Thank you for my ADORABLE pup!
Annika Smith and Jasper

We picked up Duke on July 11th, and he is the perfect addition to our home. 

Teresa and James have not only been professional, but also welcoming, kind, and completely knowledgeable about the breed. 

Alan and I looked for a long time to find a puppy, and 
we are delighted to have found Duke. 

Thank you! 

To Teresa and James:

Thank you for bringing me my new dog.  
He is the best.  It was great to meet you two and I can't thank you enough.  

Because of you bringing 
me Seemore, my house is a home again.  I will be forever grateful.  Your professionalism is top notch and your 
dogs are exquisite!


Hi Teresa! 

Portillo is great, we love him so much! He's been very healthy and happy so far. 

We've made a lot of progress with training him. He can sit, stay, lay down, and use pee pads pretty consistently. 

Looking forward to being able to take him out to the parks once he fully vaccinated!


Winston is doing great! 

We've been having a lot of fun with him and he's 
just about doubled in size since we got him home - almost 4 pounds now! 

John & Janine

Isn't she precious?? 

 She is in love with her big brother.  She follows him everywhere.
We're in love! 

We also just got back from the vet.  The Vet and all the techs said she's beautiful and in good health!  

Zoey is absolutely wonderful.  She pooped and peed outside this morning!  

Thanks Teresa...

(thank James too!)

Have you purchased a puppy from us and have not made it on the testimonials page??  

We'd love to hear from you!!

Please email your thoughts and photos to:


Lilly is an amazing, smart and very well adjusted puppy! 

Full of fun and love!

Here is Lilly taking on a water bottle!​

Pam & Randy

Roo is adjusting nicely! 

Today we practiced leash walking and pretended to clip her nails so she gets used to it.

At the vet she she tipped the scales at 3.3 pounds!
She loves sunny spots...​

Tracy & Rob

Gonzo & Gavalin love their new home! 
They are just precious.

Lenny had his hands full this day with the puppies, 
so when I came home I saw this Free Puppies sign & Lenny by the curb of our driveway!! LoL

When we brought the puppies home they weighed
 2 1/2 pounds and now they are up to
 4.2 pounds each!

They keep us busy but we're always laughing.  They sleep in their crate without any problems and are in bed by 8:30/9pm and sleep until 6:00am.  

They go potty and right back to bed until 8:00am!

Everyone loves our puppies!

Thanks again for letting us buy the puppies,

Cindy & Lenny

Zoe is sooooo awesome! 

The best personality.  Learning so fast.
A real joy to have her...

Our vet said she looks great!  Can't believe how tiny she is, they love her.

Thank you!​

Steve & Janine

Mia was home less than 10 minutes, ransacked the toy box and threw her sister out of her bed! 

She rules the roost...

Thanks for everything,​


 We had a quiet ride home, made it through the night (not too bad)!  

They both had a bath & took a nap around noon...

Such a joy!

Thanks so much,​


 Hi Teresa,

We are in love!  Gracie is a great little girl.  She is smart(knows she needs to pee & poop outside or 
on her pee pad), fetches the ball and brings it back, is very loving and sociable.

We think she is great.  She is a complete joy to us.

As you can see she loves her bed and toys.  
She pulls everything in there!  She loves to play 
fetch the ball.  We are really enjoying her...

Thank you for such a special girl so much,​

Claudia & Peter

Hi Teresa,

It's been a while!  He has gotten so big now! They grow so fast.  He's been so much fun.
 He even modeled for my friend's t-shirts! 😂

Cooper has been such a joy. He's a spoiled baby, but love him so much!
So happy I got him...


Hi Teresa,

OMG ~ Tobi is such spoiled brat already!
He runs around the house throwing his stuffed toys in the air & knows what outside means.  He's a character.

I can't leave his side without him crying...
I love it...  Mommy's boy is almost potty trained, he's a good boy & sleeps with me!

Thanks again...

Hi Teresa,

Cooper is doing great!  We love him so much and he is such a happy and energetic pup! 

            He is getting neutered on Monday           (don't tell him - lol), he has been in 
perfect health! 

He is a blessing to us and we can't thank you enough for bringing him into our lives.  

Pray you are doing well.

I just want to say Zoey is a wonderful addition to 
my family. She is growing up so fast and her personality has really came to light when she reached 10 weeks old. 

She is very smart and is taking to commands very well. She is also clever and full of energy like her dad Finn, however she can be laid back and a cuddle dog  just like her mom Bealle. 

I could not say enough about Teresa and James and
 their dogs and puppies. I love the fact you can see the parents and get to know them it helps you see what kind of personality your puppy may have.  

The fact you can see your puppy each week after 3 to 4 weeks of age, or even if you don't have - that they will send pictures and video's of your puppy is great. 

 I had such a wonderful experience I can't stop telling people, including my friends and family. I'm happy to announce that my mom (who lives in Ohio) has seen 
tons of pictures and videos of her grand furbaby and 
she placed a deposit on a puppy herself.  ​