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Nilla & Brulee April 11, 2024 (long coats)

Text us the puppy you are interested in or the preferences you are looking for in your next new friend - you can still use our contact form on our contact page but texting is much quicker...

    Things you might consider putting in your  request:

  • ​     Sex:       Male or Female
  •      Coat:     Smooth, Long or Wire
  •      Color:    Red, Cream, Blue, Black & Tan, etc.
  •      Pattern: Solid, Dapple, Brindle, etc.

   Special Requests or Considerations:

                  ex: Specific delivery dates, home bound.

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We are planning on new litters for
SUMMER & FALL 2024!  
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as it comes available - we will post 
as we can confirm...

(parent photos may occasionally be added upon confirmation of pregnancy here)
* photos are often available under our ladies & gentlemen pages * 

(note - we will also be updating parent pictures throughout 2022 with newer dog photos - this takes time and not ALL the dogs enjoy photos, so be patient and remember we will always add a photo of the parents once a litter is posted!)
* FYI..  any girls on this page have been bred but are not confirmed pregnant as of this time...

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