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No confirmed pregnancies at this time...​

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SPRING 2020 litters are in progress..  
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To get on our waiting list, send us the litter you are interested in and the preferences you are looking for in your new friend via email or through our form on our contact page...

    Things you might consider putting in your  request:

  • ​     Sex:       Male or Female
  •      Coat:     Smooth, Long or Wire
  •      Color:    Red, Cream, Blue, Black & Tan, etc.
  •      Pattern: Solid, Dapple, Brindle, etc.

   Special Requests or Considerations:

                  ex: Full AKC, specifc delivery dates, etc.

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We are planning on new litters for Fall 2019!  
Please check below for the parents and approximate 
due dates as they occur....

(parent photos may be added upon confirmation of pregnancy, but
photos are always available under our ladies & gentlemen pages)
* FYI..  the girls on this page have been bred but are not confirmed pregnant as of this time...

Confirmed Pregnancies!